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Saudi-Linguist Mailing List

Saudi-Linguist Mailing List is a restricted list established to provide a communication arena for linguists mainly from Saudi Arabia and potentially from the Arab world.

The interest areas covered by this list include all issues related to linguistics. Professional mailing lists have common characteristics and the Saudi-Linguist mailing list is quite expected to offer what a typical mailing list on linguistics is expected to offer. That is, the list will include all linguistic matters that interest Saudi and Arab linguists and provide them with a communication list that allows them to learn from each other on various issues.

Conference calls, calls for papers, book reviews, Internet tips, book notices, publications, and all sorts of information related to linguistics are examples of the subject matter of Saudi-Linguist mailing list.

For more information about the list and its charter, please click here. __________________________________________________________ Saudi-Linguist is an academic mailing list established and moderated by Khalid Abalhassan, Imam University. Any questions related to the list can be directed to the list manager at .   ___________________________________________________________

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