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Dear Colleague:

Please read the following menu and print it out. It will be the basis of our Applied Linguistics Virtual Dictionary. Please, choose the areas that you will be working on and get back to me when you are done. If you please click here to send me an email message, I would like you to indicate the areas you choose to do. Every one of us will have three areas to work on.

If you have any questions, please get back to me or Saad and we can discuss things via email or over the phone.

Click here to send an email to Khalid. The phone number is 465-7597

Click here to send an email to Saad. His phone number is 465-2864


  1. First page:
  2. Introduction to the whole purpose web site.

    A. Clickable Graph leading to our pages:

    -The Subcategories are:

    1. Sociolinguistics

  3. Language Acquisition:

    1. Psycholinguistics (First Language Acquisition)
    2. SLA


4. Discourse Analysis

5. Language Pedagogy

6. Language Arts

B. Contact info for readers to contact the authors of the web site.

  1. The pages:

Each page will have the following format:

  1. Definition and Introduction of the area
  2. Related Terminology:
    We will list as much as we can of the terms related to each area. Each entry should include (as possible):
    1. The term 2. Definition 3. Example 4. Citation for further reading.
  3. Key figures:

We can get info on the scholars and researchers of any given area with photos and include the following:

    1. Personal profile
    2. A photo if possible
    3. Publications and works of the person

  1. Bibliography:

    1. Books
    2. Articles
    3. Web links