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You are the th linguist to visit this web site.

Welcome to Khalid's Linguistics web site. The links below will take you to view some of my academic work and my friends' too. Readers are expected to contact the authors for any request to use any part of the posted material. I can be reached at: Wishing you the best of times and happy surfing.

Khalid's favorite pages

A Review of Studies in Second Language Acquisition
A Review of the reputable journal of Studies Second Language Acquisition "SSLA".
Unleash your Potential
My reaction to a book that Dr. Rafoth has assigned to our graduate course, Teaching Basic Writing. The book was written by Tom Romano with the title: "Writing With Passion."
More reviews
I thought you would be interested to see more of my and others' stuff.
A Review of "Late-Talking Children" by Sowell
A book review presented to my Psycholinguistics course.
Saad's Homepage
A genuinely academic web site. The maintainer is a doctoral student at IUP's R&L program.
The Translator's Corner
Translation! My first professional love. This site is under construction. As soon as I finish my independant study on Translation Theory, some intersting stuff will be posted on this web site.
IUP Rhetoric & Linguistics Web Resources
A great collection of refined links that a group of graduate students have put together for a research course offered by Dr. Ben Rafoth, English Department, IUP.
Applied Linguistics Without Tears
A Web Reference for Applied Linguistics. It covers six subareas of Applied Linguistics + one more area for the hard-to-classify interdisciplinary fields.
The Graduate English Server- The Rhetoric and Linguistics Program
One of the best academic web sites I have seen on the web.

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