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"Late-Talking Children is a wonderful gift for parents of all children who are somehow different and don't fit neatly into pigeonholes. After reading Thomas Sowell's gentle and perceptive account of his son John and other late-talking children, parents will know that they are not alone. To this loving father and serious social critic, nothing is sacred: bureaucracies, schools, teachers, psychologists, and relatives who tend to draw hasty conclusions, reflexly label children, and then make sweeping generalizations that neither fit nor help the child. Written with uncommon clarity, compassion, and common sense, Late Talking Children gives parents the understanding, the confidence, and the fortitude to stand up to each of these and to fight for what is best for their child."

-SALLY E. SHAYWITZ, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine; Co-Director, Yale Center for the Study of Learning and Attention